Blown away…just clay!

A business shooting for the stars...clays!

The development of an idea is one of the most fulfilling experiences of the design work I do. To bring together and capture the essence of this business was one such challenge.


Encapsulating the materials and textures helped to enhance that this was an experience based service, with the chosen materials stating the high standards and safety associated with a firearms based business.



I am passionate about design, balance & simplicity which values are reflected in the artistic work I produce. With an ‘aye’ for geometric structure and tongue firmly in cheek, I regard myself as a well rounded logical & committed person with a practical minded approach to managing tasks. My clients consist of small to medium sized enterprises, individual self employed people, charities and community groups. Simplicity is key to every project. Understanding the brief and vision of the client, whilst imparting artistic flair and experience to deliver the final design with the desired impact.

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