Cheeky Royalty!

Another retrospective of a full DTP charity calendar for a local pub football club.

Simon Rennie teamed up with his brethren to publish this charity calendar for 2013 in support of SiMBA a great charity supporting mothers and families across Scotland and the UK. One such initiative they have founded is below.

The “Memory Box” is a treasure chest of mementos such as “the blanket of love”, birth acknowledgement certificate, hand and foot prints and in some cases photos. The Memory Box was introduced to Simpson’s Centre for Reproductive Health in Edinburgh as the result of a donation from a bereaved parent. It has since given comfort to many parents through difficult times.

Through collaboration with Michael Graham @ The Studio whom provided the candid shots, I created the tongue in cheek nod to the Heffner empire based on the FC team badge although I believe these shots are a might more tasteful.