Feeling down under…not anymore!

Even if you have never met someone or even spoken to them before, can they really help and support you?


My answer is, YES they can... James and Kirsty Greenshields understanding and sharing resonates across the world each and every day, I am blessed to have spoken to him during a dark period in my life. In that short 40 min call he enabled me to see clearly and held a space for me to put my hand up high, no judgement, just love.

For that moment in my life reaching out to someone I had never known took faith and trust, allowing me to realise we don't need to know someone to help them. Even the smallest gesture can have a great impact.

James has a message born of genuine self development, all seeds burst into life from the darkness and we are no different. He helps 'blokes' daily and is rewarded in rich experiences they share.

My hat comes off and my hand goes up! For his time my thanks to him was a OOAK bespoke keyring for him and his supporting family. Whom show up each and every day, hand up, present, whole hearted and protecting their core values with a shield of green.