The dove from above…well Penguin!

Linux 4 Hope is a great charitable organisation in the US, with my core values at heart.

Repurpose tech that still have something to give and utilise the flexibility of Linux to enable the old tech that lease of new life.

  A few years ago when they sent out a plea for help to create a logo brand, I knew I could help. The idea was simple and apparent conveying in a graphic the very sense this charity evoked when they did the great work they do.

I thought every now and then to post up some old works that still hold sway, whether still used to this day or gone gracefully out of the now.

#yesteryear #archives

I am passionate about design, balance & simplicity which values are reflected in the artistic work I produce. With an ‘aye’ for geometric structure and tongue firmly in cheek, I regard myself as a well rounded logical & committed person with a practical minded approach to managing tasks. My clients consist of small to medium sized enterprises, individual self employed people, charities and community groups. Simplicity is key to every project. Understanding the brief and vision of the client, whilst imparting artistic flair and experience to deliver the final design with the desired impact.

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