Where are you fi & does it matter?

Our local community think tank, promoting all things Midlothian...

From fracking to land reform Midlothian matters are an active group of people that work to shape decisions on local matters.

Covering primarily the Midlothian district they promote business and activities that align with the core values to improve Midlothian to support its growing communities.

Do you have burning issues relating to Midlothian that you would like to share, campaign about or inform others.
The aspirations of the people of Midlothian can make it and Scotland a better place to live work and play. Get active, get vocal. Join us working together with other progressive groups in Midlothian to make change for the better a reality! Please sign up to get involved

Together we can make Midlothian a better place because Midlothian Matters!

The logo design had a heavy nod to the large movement of the Women for Independence, as this was one of the many think tanks born of the Scottish Independence Referendum. The design transferable from digital Facebook branding to printer publicity.